Terms and conditions

Return policy

The item you wish to return or exchange must be in the same state of conservation in which it was purchased;

The customer has 14 days after payment to claim the exchange or return within the parameters mentioned above together with valid proof of payment;

The legislation does not provide for the right to repentance;

Defective Items

All items are checked by our Quality Control Department and properly packaged before being sent by our Warehouse to the customer.

In case of manufacturing defect, the customer must send an email to:

with photos and details of the item's defect, so that we can analyze and contact the supplier.

Contact us if you need any information about the manufacturers/brands of our products.


The user of our store has 14 days by law to cancel a purchase.

If you wish to cancel an order, please communicate via our email to info@hobbysekai.com

You should send the email as soon as possible, so that the article is not sent.

If the order status is changed to shipped, it is no longer possible to cancel the order.

In case of pre-booking, the amount already paid cannot be returned after 14 days from the date of payment, taking into account that it has already been used to guarantee the product with the supplier on the scheduled launch date.


Items designated for Pre-Booking are required to pay a minimum of 25% and are not refundable in case of cancellation after 14 days from the date of payment.

If the reservations made, sell out at any time and we are not allowed to receive the units from our suppliers, or if they are canceled by the manufacturer and with this it is absolutely impossible to serve our customer, the amount paid by the customer is returned to the same bank account.

The dates presented on our website are estimates and given by the Brands and Suppliers of the product in question, and in some cases, they may be advanced or delayed, given the expected date, the store is not responsible for the postponements.

The store will not notify customers if the item's departure dates are postponed/changed.